Comics Who Link to Us

Children at Play- Monkey killing, foul language, and twin stalkers! Mature content.

- Easily one of the funniest college strips ever.

- If you like Hbomb's Brand New Comic, Have a Nice Day, and The DMG Files, then you're probably crazy enough to like this comic as well. I'll prepare the straitjacket.

Hoosier Morons- Pretty good comic, when it updates.

- A hot redhead, a talking fridge, and an evil guinea pig who like to swallow souls? What can be better than that?

- From the guy who brought you The Life and Times of Alces Flagrare and Hero Wanted. And there's a fairy.

- The most I've ever laughed at science.

- The funniest mecha comic ever!

World of Fizz- A family of foxes and their wacky adventures. Good stuff.

Comics That Show Us No Love, but You Need to Read Anyway

6x9 College- A werewolf, a vampire, and the devil go to college. And you thought your roommates were weird.


- A nerdy guy, a cool guy, a bald guy, and their wacky friends. Sponsored by Corporate Product.

- From the guy who brought you Fresh From the Icebox and Mid-Shift. And you thought your family was weird.

- A tough cop, her adopted eight-year-old daughter, and a bunch of people who hang out at a bar. Loads of laughs. Watch out for Wetbag!

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